semi-automatic face mask machine

                                      Disposable mask making machine

The disposable mask making machine is mainly to produce the flat face mask with nonwoven cloth, it include plane mask slicer and manaul or automatic ear band welding machine.

plane mask slicer

  1. Introduction of plane mask slicer

    Plane mask slicing machine is mainly used for the automatic formation of flat masks. After the entire roll of fabric is unrolled, it is driven by rollers. The fabric is unwound through automatic hemming, hemming, and the nose bridge strips are rolled. Only need one person to operate this machine. The scientific and reasonable mechanical transmission configuration makes this machine extremely efficient. Each machine can produce 150 ~ 180 pcs per minute.


  2. Plane mask slicer configuration

    Equipment size: 3500mm (L) x 1100mm (W) x 2100mm (H);

    Equipment weight: 1600 KG

    Working voltage: AC220V, 50 / 60HZ, rated power: 4KW

    Operating environment: temperature 10-35℃, humidity 5-35% HR, no flammable, corrosive gas, no dust (cleanliness no less than 100,000 grade).

    3.Plane mask machine equipment characteristics

    The machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and solid without rusting;

    Configure high power, can be equipped with ultrasonic welding system;

    With photoelectric detection and automatic counting;

    High stability, low failure rate and excellent performance;

    Multi-purpose machine, adult and child masks can be adjusted arbitrarily;

    It can produce 150 ~ 180pcs per minute.


  4. Manual ear band welding machine

  5. Overview:
    The manual ultrasonic mask welding machine uses the principle of ultrasonic mechanical energy and thermal energy conversion to transmit ultrasound to the cloth, so that the cloth contact point quickly generates high temperature to melt its contact material. Two pieces of cloth will generate a small spot to be bonded, so as to achieve bonding. The ultrasonic mask welding machine is also called the ultrasonic lace machine, which can be processed to produce the required products, such as knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, T / R fabrics, Teflon fabrics (Polyester fabrics), Leather, nylon cloth, chemical fiber cloth, gold cloth, multilayer cloth, etc.
    Working principle

    Transform 220V, 60HZ power into 15KHZ (or 20KHZ) high-voltage electric energy, and use the vibrator to convert it into mechanical energy. The mechanical vibration is transmitted to the workpiece via the transmission head and the welding head, and the air pressure is used to produce the friction effect of the working interface. The vibrator and the transmission device are installed inside the vibrating cylinder, and the welding head is connected outside. The air pressure system and the control circuit are used to lift and lower under the set conditions to complete the operation procedure.

  6. The overall structure
    1. Frame: working table and welding connection structure.
    2. Mold: It is divided into upper mold and lower mold, which are made according to the welding requirements of the customer's workpiece.
    3. Transducer: As one of the important components of the equipment, it converts 220V, 50HZ power into 20KHZ high voltage power.
    4. Solenoid valve: send out corresponding signals to control the flow of air flow of each starting mechanism through manual operation, to realize the motion control of the cylinder, and complete the entire product processing process.
    5.Time relay: can adjust delay time, curing time and welding time.
     6. Counter: used for work piece counting.
    7. Limiting structure: The limiting screw of the cylinder can finely adjust the lowering height of the upper mold.

    Technical parameter



    Power supply

    220V, 50/60HZ



    Delay time


    Curing time


    Bonding time


    Control method


    Compressed air




    Net weight



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